1 adult M, 1 juvenile F Leopard Gecko tank included


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CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code45459
Age2 years

One two year old normal/wild morph male and one juvenile jungle paradox female available for sale. They can be sold together or separate. I am willing to include one 25 gallon top open enclosure along with a gecko. Also open to including some enclosure equipment. The female is perfectly healthy very timid and prefers Dubia roaches. She likes to hide in very close spaces I often find her under the paper towel in her moist hide. The normal adult male is a bit underweight as he is a rescue from a breeder and has cognitive problems. I supplement his diet with Flicker’s liquid vitamin twice a week as well as give him a high calorie paste once a week. He will eat large mealworms if offered right after misting.