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designer cross Panther Chameleon for sale

We have hatchling designer cross Panther Chameleons for
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Hybrid Designer Cross Panther Chameleons for sale

Looking for the most unique panther chameleon for sale that has colors you cannot find anywhere else?  Consider one of our designer cross hybrids!

We have some gorgeous designer cross hybrid panther chameleons that contain the following genetic makeup:

60.185% Ambilobe + 16.602% Ambanja +13.281% Sambava + 1.95312% Nosy Be + .58562% Tamatave + .39062 Maroantsetra.

These panthers have some ridiculously amazing color patterns, from wild orange to blue, yellow to green, to blue bar with red outlines, see some of the photos above.

The Panther Chameleon is easily the most gorgeous colored and easiest to handle of all species of pet chameleon for sale.

Panther Chameleons are fairly docile and males are known for being even “friendly”.  It is not uncommon for male panther chameleons to venture to your arm when you come to their habitat to feed them.

July 22, 2021 12:42 pm

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