Pink Belly Snapping Turtle


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Hi there 
This is a five-year-old adult pink belly snapping turtle. It is likely a male though I’m not sure. His shell length is about 8 in and his width is about 7 1/2 in. 

Pink belly snapping turtles are native to New Guinea and semi-aquatic. Their neck and belly have an orange-ish pink color and their back is brown. Their physical appearance is similar to that of common snapping turtles but they are not related in any way. Their temperament is also much more stable and active. 

I’ve got him since he was a hatchling. He is a great eater and loves pallets superworms crickets and almost anything! He’s a little timid but very active and loves swimming. 

I can sell the 40-gallon tank and filter he’s currently using too. Everything is negotiable but him having a good life is most important. Please reach out if you have any questions! I hope he can find a good home!