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Autoptimize - works much like WP Minify; has is a few more features. For your technically inclined, it concatenates all scripts and styles, minifies and compresses them, adds expires headers, caches them, and moves styles to the page head, and scripts to the footer. What's more, it minifies the HTML code itself, making your page really portable.

I capitalized of Eric Wendelin's client post, meliorate Your Slow Grade Using .htaccess, and used most.htaccess to add deceases headers and file compaction schemes to diminish load and also apply computer file caching.

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WP Touch - automatically transforms your WP blog into an iphone application-style theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects, when viewed from an iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Opera Mini, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch mobile pieces of equipment.

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