Importance of UVB Light for Bearded Dragons

Importance of UVB Light for Bearded Dragons It's essential to provide a quality UVB light setup for bearded dragons. Without proper exposure, they could get metabolic bone disease and other health issues. For the best care, use a high-quality UVB bulb and replace it every 6 months or as suggested by the manufacturer. Light intensity and duration is important. Lighting should offer full-spectrum UVB radiation for 10-12 hours daily, just like natural sunlight conditions in their environment. The bulb should be placed properly so your pet has access to both shade and bright sunlight. Proper UVB lighting can also help regulate a dragon's appetite and promote overall good health. With consistent UVB radiation, you'll notice an improvement in their physical activity and mood. Research from Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (2015) found over 90% of captive bearded dragons were deficient in vitamin D3 without supplemental lighting, which …
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Understanding Bearded Dragon Eye Infection

Understanding Bearded Dragon Eye Infection Bearded dragons can get eye infections for many reasons, such as injury, bacteria, viruses, or poor nutrition. It is essential to start treatment early, to avoid further complications. Signs include swelling, discharge, redness, and cloudiness. Taking care of the hygiene, medication (if needed), and a balanced diet are necessary. To treat the infection, you must determine the cause. Keeping the right level of humidity in their habitat is also key to preventing eye infections. Remember: Regular vet check-ups are great for detecting early signs of infection and making sure your dragon stays healthy! Causes of Bearded Dragon Eye Infection To understand the causes of bearded dragon eye infection, you need to focus on maintaining cleanliness, ensuring proper nutrition, preventing parasitic infections, and avoiding trauma. Neglecting any of these factors could lead to eye infections, which can be uncomfortable and detrimental to t…
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The Ultimate Guide to Bearded Dragon Enclosures

Understanding Bearded Dragon Enclosures To understand bearded dragon enclosures with the appropriate solutions, you need to know what they are and why they’re important for your pet’s welfare. What is a bearded dragon enclosure? Why is it important to have a suitable enclosure for bearded dragons? Here, we’ll briefly introduce these two essential sub-sections to help you create a safe, appropriate, and stimulating home for your pet. What is a bearded dragon enclosure? A bearded dragon enclosure is the designated living space for these reptiles. It must be near natural conditions, with a heat source, correct lighting, humidity control, and enough room to move around. Understand the needs of your bearded dragon when making its enclosure. Provide the right temperatures and lighting and add live plants, logs, rocks, and hiding spots to create a closer-to-nature experience. Choose substrates that fit their habitat and the desired hygiene levels. Regular spot cleaning, dee…
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