Do leopard gecko’s tails grow back?

Do leopard gecko's tails grow back?

Leopard geckos are a popular reptile species kept as pets. They are known for their distinctive leopard-like spots and their ability to lose and regenerate their tails.

This behavior, known as caudal autotomy, is a survival mechanism that allows the leopard gecko to escape predators by dropping its tail and distracting the predator while it makes its escape.

But the question remains: do leopard gecko tails grow back after they are lost?

The short answer is yes, leopard gecko tails do grow back. However, the regrown tail, known as a "regenerated tail" or "replacement tail," is not the same as the original tail.

What to expect? Dropped tail

When a leopard gecko loses its tail, a process called wound healing begins. The stump of the tail, known as the "break plane,"

seals off and forms a scar. Over the next few weeks, cells at the break plane begin to divide and differentiate, fo…

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